2Wise Studio

"2Wise Studio is a photography and videography company based in Santorini, led by Santorinian photographer Kimonas Patiniotis. 2Wise Studio offers you affordable packages to meet every individual requirement of your Wedding Day or your Photo Session. Our photographers and videographers have been providing a unique and personal service.

2Wise Studio offers separate photographers and videographers or an exceptional blend of both. We have worked at various venues in Santorini and our professionals move seamlessly around each other, encompassing each special moment meticulously. We use our own mix and match of styles, always striving to capture the essence of the very moment, the raw emotion that drives people in that specific time -the light, the depth, the color of the scenery, the laughter, the tears and all the things that make a memory what it really is.

Our Studio will work with you from the very beginning to the very end, paying extreme attention to what you want and gently guiding you through to achieving your idea. We understand that the biggest day of your life can be a mixed bag of emotions and we can proudly say that we are able, to put your mind at ease - by ensuring that every single unforgettable moment is captured. We can cover events of any size and still be able to produce up to par, exceptional one to one service.

We only use the very latest of technology and proud ourselves in creating photos and videos strikingly timeless. The encapsulation of every special moment of your unforgettable day is our very first priority."

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