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Freelance Photographer & Designer

A little words about me.

‘‘I was born in Santorini in December 1990, the fourth child of a family of six. From a very young age I was intrigued by art. I grew up in Santorini, which made me exceptionally accustomed to all the best spots and locations of the island.

After my senior high school graduation, I started my Bachelor of Arts (Product Design) in Middlesex University where I graduated in 2012. Photography has always been my passion and when I finished my degree I got straight in it. During my time in University I had the chance to work with some of the best Photographs in Greece, which really broadened my horizons. I finally got my Diploma in 2014.

I don’t follow a specific photography style. I always try to flow with the moment and mix different styles according to the occasion. After all, photography is a representation of emotion when done properly, and emotions change. I always try to mix art, street, black and white and fashion types of captures that emit a radiance of mixed feelings with stunning detail. “

Santorini Photography is my crown jewel. The company was established in 2014 after years of careful consideration and planning that go hand in hand with my love for the island which I grew up in, Santorini.’’

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Kimonas Patiniotis


Kimonas Patiniotis

My passion is Photography, Design, Illustration & Other Creative Work.

My Thoughts

Days go by, and time neither slows down nor stops. All the colors, the lights, the emotion that was once present in the moment, will be forever kept in our memories. However, memories fade. Photographs don’t. Let’s create something precious that you can keep forever to remind you your special moments in Santorini. Kimonas Patiniotis

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