Honeymoon in Santorini | Kelsey & Brad

The biggest reason I love my job as a photographer is the fact that I get to meet so many people, from all over the world. Thus, I have the incredible occasion to exchange experiences and ideas with people coming from a variety of places. The following story is the one of Kelsey and Brad, a couple from Chicago, USA, who chose the gorgeous Santorini as a destination for their honeymoon.

They selected the beautiful Bluecanaves Hotel for their stay on the island, which is located in an intimate and private area in Oia. If you ask me, the location is ideal for couples enjoying their honeymoon, as there’s a lot of peace and quiet, not to mention that the area is stunning as well. Because they wanted to return home with a set of nice memories, the couple contacted me and reserved a special photo shooting.

Working with Kelsey and Brad was extremely easy and enjoyable, as a photographer. They posed with ease and truly enjoyed every single moment. They lived the photo session like no one was watching them, so the photos are beautiful and very natural at the same time. The couple really enjoyed standing on the edge of white stone buildings, as this gave the chance to capture a part of the buildings and the horizon. They also preferred having as much water as possible in the background. So, I did my best to respect their every wish so that they will end up enjoying the honeymoon photos they dreamt about.

Every assignment I get is unique and so was the time I spend photographing this amazing couple. Kelsey and Brad are two beautiful people that made our collaboration extremely easy and fruitful. Also, they look perfect together, so I am certain that they are going to enjoy a very long and happy life together. I really wish them the best!


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