Santorini Honeymoon Photo Session | Meghan + Bradley

I really believe that I am blessed because life gave me the incredible opportunity of living in Santorini, a small greek island. So, I am even happier and prouder of this fact when I see that people discover this place from all over the world and travel many miles just to have the authentic experiences provided by this particular island. This is what happened in the case of Meghan and Bradley Fishman, a couple which came all the way from New York to Santorini for their honeymoon.

Meghan and Bradley met back in 2011, with the help of some friends they shared in common and it wasn’t long until they realized that they had feelings for each other. So, ever since, they live a beautiful love story that was finally made official this year, when they got married and celebrated their wedding. Since their wedding took place in the US, they wanted something entirely different for their honeymoon, so they chose the gorgeous Santorini. When I asked them why they made such a choice, the two answered me that they always considered Greece as a romantic and beautiful destination, so it seemed only natural for them to want to spend their honeymoon here.

What I found interesting about their stay in Santorini is that they decided to try out different hotels around the island. They stayed at the Chromata Hotel in Imerovigli, at first,and  then moved to Oia  during their trip. They chose to do this so that they could experience various parts of the island. In other words, they wanted to make sure that they enjoy everything the island had to offer them, including the breathtaking sunsets that were different in the various areas of Santorini.

But before they arrived in Santorini, Meghan and Bradley decided to contact me, because they wanted to immortalize their honeymoon memories for eternity. Saying that most couples that travel together end up taking selfies, they decided that they wanted something different, something better, and that is a professional photo shoot in Santorini. They brought along their wedding dress and tuxedo so that their pictures would come out as the second celebration of their wedding, the views, and landscapes of Santorini turning their photos into real works of art.

Asking them how they found me, the two answered that they ran a Google search and came across my website and Instagram page, instantly falling in love with the picture they saw posted there. So, they thought that this is the ideal way to make sure that their honeymoon will last forever. Hearing this really warmed my heart and made me feel fulfilled because this is precisely why I chose to be a photographer. I wanted to give people the chance to enjoy their amazing moments in spectacular ways, offering them something that they would be proud to show their children and grandchildren.

Finally, asking Meghan and Bradley what they loved most about Santorini, their answers were short and unhesitant: the sunsets and the views. We really had a great time together and I could tell that the couple enjoyed their photo shooting.I am more than happy to post some photos of Meghan and  Bradley in Santorini island!

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