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Here are a number of commonly asked questions about wedding photography coverage. If after reading you still have an unanswered question, please feel free to drop me a line.


How do we book you , is there a deposit needed?
There is no need for a deposit, all transactions are done after the photo-shoot. You can book us through the Booking Tab of the website.
Will there be a transfer to and from the chosen location for the Photo Shoot?
The transfer to and from your chosen location is included in the Photo Tour package with no extra charge. It can also be arranged for the other packages, Casual and Individual as an extra request.
How long will our Photo Collection take to arrive?
We here in Santorini Photography understand how eager our customers are to receive their new professional photos and always strive to have them ready as soon as possible without sacrificing the quality of our work. The time that it takes is really based upon the type of package, since the number of photographs that will need to be edited changes and hence the total time of the photo shoots. Usually the Collection for the popular Casual, Individual and Photo Tour Packages is ready in less 15days whereas the special Wedding Package is usually read in less than 1 month.
What cameras do you use?
I use top of the range professional DSLR cameras, mainly two of Canon Eos 5D Mark III full frame camera, a large range of professional canon lenses, speedlites and studio flashes to ensure that every aspect of the shoot is perfect. Each occasion of course differs, so a different combination of equipment is always used.
Do you charge travel expenses?
Nope! Travel expenses are not charged.
How will we receive the photographs?
The photographs can either be uploaded to a secure link in Dropbox with a code that only you will have or if your stay in Santorini is for adequate days the photographs can be given to you in a flash drive. We would personally suggest the upload solution since it makes everything so much easier (you can download your brand new Photo Collection wherever you might be).
How many photos will we receive?
We in Santorini Photography understand the needs of our valuable customers and always try to create a Photo Collection with as many photographs as possible. The number of the Photographs linearly changes with the time of the hire. For every /hr of hire you will receive about 40 fully edited and professionally cut photos (in an hour of hire more than 100 photographs are usually taken, but only the absolute best are chosen for your photo collection).
How long will you stay on the wedding day?
Our professional photographer, Kimonas Patiniotis will be there on your special day as early as needed, stay for the preparation of the bride and groom, the ceremony, and the celebrations. Please remember that in the Wedding Package you will receive a professional After Shoot (1 hour) as a gift from us, so our photographer will have the pleasure of accompanying you in the following days at the time and location of your choice.

For further questions, you can always contact me!