Fashion Style Photography | Manuela

The best part about my job as a photographer is that I never know what tomorrow will bring. So, one day, I received a message from another photographer, named Manuela. She wanted, this time, to stand on the other side of the camera’s lens. On this occasion, Manuela was going to be the one photographed, instead of being the one that is taking the photographs. And she couldn’t have picked a more picturesque location for the photos than the gorgeous and sunny island of Santorini.

Manuela is from Bulgaria and had the desire to shoot a series of photos with her as the model, not the other way around. You see, as professionals in various fields of activity, we will always have the curiosity of how it feels to be in the shoes of the customers. How does it feel like to receive the services you offer on a daily basis? But, since every photo can turn into a precious memory, Manuela felt the need to have a spectacular landscape in the background of the photos with her. This is what brought her to Santorini and, implicit, to me.

The truth is that both of us enjoyed the entire photo shooting session. Manuela was great as a model and wore three different dresses, one more beautiful than the other, during the session. I decided to have the photos in the stunning background offered by the Oia village. Because it is located at a rather high elevation, well above the sea line, the horizon is simply breathtaking in this village. There are also many locations where the taken photos can capture the entire magic of the place. Manuela was also amazing during the photo shooting. She was so easy to work with, as she already knew how to pose right, due to her job. So, there was a minimum amount of effort on my side.

We were both extremely happy with the results of the photo session and the images we obtained. Manuela certainly considered her choice a very suitable one, considering that she truly got gorgeous photo shots in a magical place.

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