Santorini Fashion Style Photography | Bernetta St. Omer + Derek Thomas

The best part of my job is that I never know what to expect from a day when waking up in the morning. So, one day, I received a message from Bernetta St. Omer and Derek Thomas, two beautiful people that were forming a couple and were soon to be married, from the US. Although the two initially wanted to spend just a vacation in Santorini, the breathtaking scenery of this Greek island made them want to tie their destinies together here, in the holy matrimony. So the couple decided to contact me and shared with me their plan.

But first, let us know more about them. Bernetta St. Omer was born in Brooklyn, New York, where she also spent her entire childhood and first years of her youth. Derek Thomas was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. But both of them attended the University Tennessee, at Chattanooga, which was the place where they first met. In their case, it wasn’t love at first sight, as they started out by being friends for 3 years, before deciding that they should start going out on dates. This happened in February 2013. After a while, they realized that the attraction that grew in them for the other was a serious thing and that they shared a lot of things in common, so it wasn’t long until they began forming a couple. So, after 3 years of relationship, Derek decided to propose, popping the much-awaited question to Bernetta in a helicopter, while they were enjoying the views over Los Angeles.

So, how come they ended up getting married in Santorini? The two saw a VLOG on YouTube that presented the beautiful Santorini. After seeing those images, the couple simply fell in love with the place and decided to pay it a visit as soon as possible. But, as they were also making plans for their wedding, they thought that Santorini was actually the ideal place where they could say their vows to each other. The next step was to book a room at a hotel on the island, their choice being the Majestic Hotel, for the way it looked, the conditions it offered, and its location in Santorini. Then they found me on Instagram, as they were looking for a wedding photographer in Santorini, knowing that “our pictures would come out perfect”, as stated by the couple, after looking at my portfolio.

Bernetta and Derek opted for the 3-hour photo tour around Santorini, wishing to take the most this island had to offer. I picked them up from the hotel where they were staying, which was in Fira, and took them to the amazing villages of Oia and Imerovigli. The two were dressed beautifully, as Bernetta had her wedding dress specially designed for a wedding in Santorini, by her friend. They enjoyed their time during the tour and loved making photos while discovering the gorgeous corners and hideouts of Santorini. They said that they got more than they hoped for. According to Bernetta and Derek, “Kimonas was a pleasure to work with and we will definitely use his services when we return to Santorini”.

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