Santorini Vacation Photo Session | Ashley & Jeremy

As a Santorini photographer, I come in contact with many couples that fly great distances to enjoy the beauty of the island and capture their experiences in gorgeous photos. If you ask me, this is the best job in the world. Besides this, I also have the amazing opportunity of meeting great people, just like Ashley and Jeremy, the couple that is part of the next story I am about to tell you.


Freshly wed, Ashley and Jeremy decided to enjoy their honeymoon surrounded by the stunning scenery of this Greek island. They came here from the USA, choosing a suite at the Canaves Oia for their vacation. They contacted me, telling me that they would love to enjoy a spectacular photo session to make their honeymoon and official union, so I decided that the Imerovigli Village will become the best place for the session. Because the houses in this village are located on top of the volcano, it appears to like being on top of the world, with the blue sea spreading to the horizon in an infinite manner. Also, besides the pure white of the buildings, you can also see the rocky peaks in the background, so the photos made here are simply breathtaking.


Of course, Ashley and Jeremy were also amazing. In love and very talented, they were ideal in the photos and it was a true pleasure to work with them. While most of my clients opt to wear dresses in light or soft colors, Ashley made the bold decision to wear a long bright red dress, with a fluid texture. This came in contrast beautifully with the background. So, while the landscape contributes to the way photos come out, the couple was definitely the centerpiece of each image, due to their presence and attitude. I really enjoyed witnessing the incredible chemistry between them and I must admit that the photos we made that day were among the most impressive, due to the color combination. All in all, it was a great day for taking photos, from all points of view, so the experience was enjoyable for each of us.


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