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Kimonas Patiniotis

Meet the Photographer

"Kimonas was born and raised in Santorini. From a very young age he was intrigued by Arts & Crafts. After the end of his High School years he decided to continue his studies with a Bachelor of Arts (Product Design) in Middlesex University while also studying the Art of Photography as a hobby. He graduated in 2012. Since he’s always been an avid Photographer from a young age, he chose to take his hobby to the next level and started his journey as a Professional photographer.
Through years of experience and evolution, his journey led to creating a unique - Signature style which blends the latest fashion trends in an magazine - editorial way producing jaw dropping portraits, overwhelming landscape and still-life photographs that make the viewer feel like he really is part of the moment.

Today, having performed hundreds of photo-shoots and captured too many to count photos, Kimonas offers an upscale Photography experience while staying true to his roots as a photographer.  Not two sessions are ever the same with Kimonas as no two people are ever the same. His effortless adaptation to every scenario and situation makes his Wedding Photography shoots special and unique. As moments and emotions variate through the event, so do the photographs, displaying exactly what the Photographer wishes to transcend with his photos in order to make you experience the same emotion as the people in the picture.

Kimonas strives to capture the essence of the very moment, the raw emotion that drives people in that specific time, the light, the depth, the color of the scenery, the laughter, the tears and all the things that make a memory what it really is.

Rest assured that Kimonas and his team know how to satisfy even the most demanding of customers, offering his service tailor fit to your wishes and needs."

My passion is photography

My passion is photography

My Thoughts

Days go by, and time neither slows down nor stops. All the colors, the lights, the emotion that was once present in the moment, will be forever kept in our memories. However, memories fade. Photographs don’t. Let’s create something precious that you can keep forever to remind you your special moments in Santorini. Kimonas Patiniotis

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