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Santorini Photography, a team of passionate photographers with an eye for love and flair for incredibly romantic captures, skillfully combine the ample charm of this unique location with the distinct character of each happy couple to create mesmerizing wedding or honeymoon images, romantic couple’s shoots or holiday memoirs at hand-picked locations around the island, chosen for their incredible beauty.

The talent, creativity and the advanced equipment of the Santorini Photography team, together with the enchanting sceneries of Santorini promise that your love and devotion as a couple will reflect in the most beautiful snapshots, a treasurable keepsake of your life’s happiest moments. Let Santorini Photography create a photoshoot session just for you, sharing your vision and shooting at a selection of breath-taking locations, and rest assured that everything will be done to perfection!

Let us put together every aspect of your personal style as a couple and interpret it in our own, unparalleled way in pictures that speak volumes. Our many years of searching the island for the most captivating and photogenic spots, most away from the typical photo locales, have rewarded us with a plenitude of astonishing locations known to few, and we love using them as a backdrop to our work with you! With Santorini Photography, all your life’s special moments will become more than memories, they will be treasured memoirs celebrating life!

Our passion is photography

Our passion is photography

Make it Forever

All your special moments are treasures to keep and cherish for a lifetime, and they deserve to be commemorated in the most beautiful manner! Santorini Photography is a passionate team of experienced photographers under the guidance of Kimonas Patiniotis, passionately devoted to interpreting the happiest moments of your life into wonderful, unforgettable photographs.
Let us share your Santorini experience through the photographic lens and incorporate your story in a precious memoir that reflects your personal style and the enchanting beauty of this magnificent destination. Our expertise focuses on professional wedding photography and capturing romantic snapshots at Santorini’s most enchanting locations, as well as photo tours to Santorini’s picture-perfect hidden gems and any other location in the world!

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