Wedding proposal at Sophia luxury suites | Lia & Bartosz

As a photographer, I am always touched and impressed by the story of two people who decided to join their destinies into a single one. The same happened in the case of Bartosz and Lia, two gorgeous young people that decided to live their love story as beautiful as possible, which peaked with the proposal of Bartosz in the breathtaking landscape of the Greek island Santorini. Below is their amazing story, a story I did my best to capture in images that will become some of their most cherished memories. So, allow me to relive this story once more, while I’m telling it to you.
Bartosz and Lia, a couple that lives and works in Austria, Greece becoming their romantic destination due to the ingenious plan Bartosz put together. What I love most about being a photographer is that you never know what tomorrow will bring. There are always new and exciting experiences waiting out there, to be captured for eternity by the lens of my camera. So, when I received the first e-mail from Bartosz, I knew that this was going to be one of those unforgettable moments. He first contacted months before even arriving in Santorini because we wanted every little detail to be carefully covered. Why so much care and preparation, you may wonder. Well, you see, Bartosz wanted to offer Lia the surprise of her life. Yes, this is not just a vacation in Greece, but the perfect opportunity for Bartosz to make his proposal. So, he wanted everything to be perfect and unforgettable.
For the place of the proposal, he chose the stunning Sophia Luxury Suites, which offers breathtaking views over the sea, from up above, giving you the impression that you are on top of the world. Within the picturesque village called Imerovigli, within the Santorini Island, I think that Bartosz couldn’t have chosen a more magical place. The plan was to take Lia for a walk around the village and slowly lead her toward a terrace that was prepared specially for the event. He arranged for the terrace to be beautifully decorated with flowers and candles, hired a saxophonist to create the right atmosphere, and me hiding at first ,so I can immortalize these amazing moments.
From the moment Lia saw the terrace, a wave of emotions overwhelmed her. She became highly emotional and started crying of happiness, not having a clue what her partner prepared for her. Then, without waiting any longer, Bartosz fell on his knees, put out the ring, and popped the question. The surrounding was ideal, the light was more than perfect, and these two simply glowed with happiness. Because it was late in the afternoon, we continued taking photos at the location, caressed by the warm and colorful rays of the sun as he was preparing to set by diving into the sea. Once the overwhelming emotions started fading away, I could see the pure happiness on the faces of Bartosz and Lia. Most certainly these two were made for each other, their beautiful story officially beginning in Santorini, and I was there to witness those moments with the help of my camera.

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