A Chic Wedding in Santorini | Rachel & Jim

There’s something special about the place from where we draw roots. We constantly feel attracted to these places and wish to live the most important moments of our lives there. The same happened with Jim and his wife-to-be Rachel. Jim is Greek-American, and together with Rachel, they chose Santorini as their wedding destination, and more precisely the gorgeous village of Imerovigli and its beautiful church of Anastasi. To commemorate their special day, the couple required a professional wedding photographer to be at their side every step of the way.

Both the bride and groom were getting ready for the wedding at a stunning hotel on the Kamari beach. They stayed in separate rooms, assisted by close family and friends who were delighted to join them on such an important day. As tradition dictates, the groom must arrive first at the church and wait for his bride. And that’s what Jim did, giving the photographer numerous opportunities to capture genuine emotions not only his, but also of the guests. The bride arrived, and she was escorted down the aisle by her father, a moment charged with so many emotions. She was then given to her groom so that the ceremony could begin.

After they were pronounced man and wife by the priest, the couple followed the Photographer to the Monastery of Prophet Elias for a picturesque photo session. The monastery and its breath-taking surroundings were the perfect backdrop to some amazing photos. Finally, the couple arrived at the Venetsanos Winery, an intimate and beautiful venue, elegantly decorated to look as if carved out of a fairy tale. Jim and Rachel cut their wedding cake and led their first dance as a married couple. The reception was a huge success, where everybody danced and had fun. The event ended in a spectacular manner, with a mesmerizing firework show that set the night on fire and wished Rachel and Jim a Happy Ever After!

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