Indian Wedding Photography in Santorini | Swetha + Priyatham

Living on one of the most beautiful and popular islands in Greece also means to meet people coming from all over the world, belonging to different cultures and traditions, people that decide to enrich their life experiences with something special. This is how I ended up meeting Swetha and Priyatham, two beautiful young people from India that wished to enjoy their honeymoon in Santorini, Greece. On this occasion, they decided to have a post-wedding photo shooting here, in their wedding dress and groom outfit, to make their memories of their honeymoon even more special. This is how they ended up finding me, the photographer that was going to help them turn their plans into reality.

The story of Swetha and Priyatham is both interesting and beautiful. The two met after their families arranged them a meeting, with the purpose of getting them married, if they were going to like each other. After the meeting took place, Swetha and Priyatham noticed that they are two very different persons, but, in spite of this fact, they managed to complement each other perfectly. So, they took things slowly and, step by step, they started falling for each other. After realizing that they fell in love, they got the blessings of their parents and threw a beautiful and large wedding, to mark the moment and celebrate their feelings in front of the entire world.

Santorini came into their minds when they were looking for the best place for their honeymoon. It was an island they always wanted to see, so it didn’t take long until they decided to spend their first vacation together here. Their initial plan was to enjoy the scenery, relax, and spend quality time together while taking the most of Greece’s culture and cuisine. So, they chose the Homeric Poems Hotel, a luxurious hotel located in the village of Firostefani, where they were also able to find a wide range of restaurants and cafés that were offering gorgeous views toward the sea.

But, as mentioned previously, the couple didn’t come to Santorini just to enjoy the views and breathtaking sunsets, as they also wanted to have a special photo shooting dressed as groom and bride. They even booked makeup and hair appointments with the occasion of this photo session, as they wanted to look perfect and get amazing photos to take back home with them. The photo tour I enjoyed together with Swetha and Priyatham lasted for 4 hours and we had a blast. We started making some photos as the hotel, as the views were simply incredible, and continued around the village of Firostefani, then moved to Oia and, finally, took some photos on the beach. For the couple, this photo session gave the impression of getting married all over again, strengthening their love for each other. Mesmerized by the incredible setting and scenery of Santorini, the two felt like living a fairytale, which is the ideal honeymoon a newlywed couple can experience.

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