Santorini Oia Wedding Photography | Burcu + Ibrahim

I consider myself as a very lucky person, living and working in Santorini as a wedding photographer, meeting people from all over the world and witnessing their amazing stories. The same happened with Burcu and Ibrahim, two beautiful people from Istanbul, Turkey, who considered that Santorini is the ideal location for their wedding. I was surprised to get their message, one day, on Instagram, where they manifested their interest and desire to have their wedding in Greece, on the gorgeous island of Santorini, wishing to hire me as their wedding photographer. I was more than happy to help another couple have their dream wedding in Santorini, so we exchanged phone numbers and started taking care of the details right away.

I was sincerely impressed by Burcu and Ibrahim, two people with a lot of common sense, elegance, and a beautiful love story. They met on the 12th of April 2016 on social media and, after getting to know each other online, they decided to meet in real life as well. They shortly started forming a happy couple and this year, they decided to make their relationship official through a wedding. I was honored and stunned to find out that the couple decidedĀ  that I was the ideal wedding photographer for their special moments!

Once we set the right date for their wedding ceremony and Burcu and Ibrahim arrived in Santorini, we set a meeting, together with my assistant, in the Oia Village, where they were staying. The couple chose Ducato di Oia, in Oia Village, and then Dana Villas, in Firostefani, as their hotels while staying in Santorini. They made a great choice, as they also found out since they enjoyed exceptional conditions, a large and generous pool, flawless services, and delicious food. As they said to me, Santorini is a corner of paradise on earth and they got the chance to experience it on the most important day of their lives. Getting back to their wedding and the photo session that came along, I met the couple for their wedding ceremony where I immortalized their feelings, emotions, and happiness in photos that will help them remember that day over years as it was yesterday. Once the ceremony ended, I took some more photos of the couple dressed up in their wedding dress and then in tuxedo for the photoshoot in gorgeous locations around the village of Oia.

When I asked Burcu and Ibrahim what they love most about Santorini, they immediately answered that they love the friendly people, the amazing beach calderas, mouthwatering food, comfortable and welcoming hotels, and the gorgeous scenery. They simply fell in love with Santorini and they are looking forward to coming back here as soon as possible in the future.

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