Santorini Wedding Photography | Aleksandra & Jacob

Although taking photos is my biggest passion and the profession I want to enjoy doing for the rest of my life, I also have to admit that I like the stories of people that come to Santorini. I am grateful for being part of their stories, just as it happened in the case of Aleksandra and Jacob. The two are from different countries and met while visiting another country, which makes things even more spectacular.

Aleksandra is from Poland and Jacob from Germany, and the couple met for the first time back in 2009, during a student exchange in Greece, in the gorgeous city of Patras. Ever since then, they kept in touch, feeling the connection that was forming between them. So, after two months of meeting one another, they made the promise that in case any of them gets married, they will do it on the beautiful island of Santorini. It took them approximately 9 years, time in which they visited, together, no less than 26 different countries, to realize that they should get married to each other. Thus, they decided to come to their favorite country, Greece, and make their dream come true, as promised in the first phases of their relationship.

Adventurous and independent in nature, the couple had an official wedding in Germany, together with their friends and family, just to elope to Greece, later on, only the two of them. They wanted to enjoy their honeymoon in Santorini while having their wedding photo shooting here as well. The truth is that the scenery and landscape offered by the stunning Santorini make the ideal details for wedding photos, so the couple was more than enchanted by the results. We started our photographic endeavor in the village of Pyrgos and slowly moved to Imerovigli, visiting the Chapel of Prophet Elias. From here, we moved to the Oia Village, where we also wrapped up the photo session. Once the session was done, the couple decided to end their day enjoying a romantic dinner and watching the sunset in the deep blue waters of the island.

Both Aleksandra and Jacob confessed that the photo tour and experience, together with all the other things they’ve seen and lived in Santorini, will become their most cherished memories. I was extremely happy to hear this and to know that my services, not just as a photographer but also guide in Santorini, helped this young couple enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon on the island.


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