UK Wedding in Santorini | Melissa & Adam

Melissa and Adam are two beautiful people that form an even more beautiful couple together. They are from Yorkshire, UK, and they recently married in Santorini, Greece. They chose this stunning destination so they can enjoy not just amazing moments here, but also a set of breathtaking photos. Thus, they invited their families and people that were close to their hearts to join them in this venture, so they could all celebrate their matrimony on this gorgeous island in Greece.
Since they knew that they were going to get married, Melissa and Adam dreamt about tying the knots in Santorini. They simply loved the island and wanted to make this important step here. So, they booked rooms at the Dana Villas, a very modern and chic hotel that also helped with providing the venue for their wedding celebration and party. While the couple contacted me online, we also had to meet in person to set the details, making sure that everything will be perfect for their special day. The first time I met Melissa, I was won over by her kind way of being and friendly nature. She patiently went through all the preparations, with her mother and bridesmaids, without showing any trace of nervousness. Perhaps she felt all kind of emotions inside her heart, but she really managed to stay calm until the ceremony, which I really admired.
Once she was ready, I took Melissa for a short photo session around the villa, before the ceremony started. We searched for location at the villa and around the village of Firostefani that provided wonderful views, suitable for the photos of a bride. After taking our pictures, it was time to take Melissa back to the venue, where Adam, their families, and friends waited to see her. The moment Melissa made her appearance, the faces of everyone present at the event filled with emotions and love for the young couple. It was obvious that every person that came all the way to Santorini, was someone close to the couple that knew their story and wanted to see them happy for the rest of their lives.
They read their vows in a breathtaking location, under a beautiful white pergola and having the blue sea waters in the background. I took photos throughout their entire ceremony, as I wanted to capture their unique emotions for eternity. I also took photos of the family and, after the ceremony ended, I took Melissa and Adam for a short trip, around the village, to take some after-the-wedding photos. They were beautiful and in love, and the setting provided by both the village and the island was simply perfect. During the after-wedding photo session, the sun was slowly setting, as it was in the afternoon. The light provided by the sun that was getting ready to hide in the sea was full of warmth and glow. They couldn’t have picked the location and moment for their wedding better.
No matter how much I enjoyed taking photos of Melissa and Adam, I couldn’t keep them too long. Their guests were waiting at the villa, enjoying the reception thrown with the occasion of their wedding, savoring fine dishes and celebrating the moment. After the couple return, they had a nice private party, surrounded by the gorgeous setting of the Dana Villas and the island’s landscape.

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