Wedding at the Eros Beach Bar in Santorini | Connie and Lee

The couples that want to have a different kind of wedding in an idyllic setting, most often take a beach wedding into consideration. Luckily, the island of Santorini, in Greece, can offer more than just beaches with soft sands. The crystal clear blue waters, beautiful architecture and white buildings, and the breathtaking landscapes created by the old volcano, they all add to the perfect wedding picture. Connie and Lee form a couple that wanted to enjoy such a wedding, wishing to feel sand under their feet rather than have a wedding ceremony in a traditional setting. Of course, they needed a Santorini wedding photographer to take care of the part connected to producing memories that are going to be cherished for a lifetime. This is where I come into the scene.

Flying into Santorini all the way from California, USA, Connie and Lee were both very lovely and easy to work with. They knew what they wanted and shared with me their ideas, so I could deliver the photos they wanted. The day of their wedding was simply perfect. The sun was shining and the weather was great.Of course, the couple got ready in their hotel rooms before the wedding. We also enjoyed a small photo session before the wedding ceremony around Imerovigli, as they wanted to have the chance to shoot some photos alone, while still relaxed.

After this photo session ended, we all headed toward the Eros Beach Bar, where the wedding ceremony was set to take place. But, before the grooms arrived at the location, the venue was already filled with family members and friends. Everybody waited for them there, to welcome and congratulate them. As the tradition requires, the groom arrived first at the venue, so he can properly wait for his bride. In a matter of minutes, the bride came as well, with her father on the side. The moment in which the father took his daughter to the altar and gave her hands to her future husband was filled with emotions and overwhelming feelings. I took pictures every step of the way, doing my best to capture seconds that were unique for everybody involved.

Once the ceremony ended and the couple was declared married, I took family portraits and photos of everyone that was part of the event. Then, I dedicated more time to the couple and took some photographs along the beach, just the two of them and the gorgeous sea on their side. Since a proper wedding does not end without a reception, the couple soon joined their family and friends for the party. Dancing and celebrating the event with a lot of joy and happiness. As a Santorini wedding photographer, I had the chance to see many weddings, but I must admit that each one is unique. The wedding of Connie and Lee was also one of a kind, so I am extremely happy I was part of it.

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