Wedding Photoshoot in Santorini | Michelle & Cliff

It is never too late to have the wedding photo session you always dream but never got. Michelle and Cliff were in Santorini for their anniversary, as they were already married. But they decided to take advantage of this intriguing opportunity and finally got the romantic wedding photos they wished for so long. So, they brought along the wedding dress and tuxedo and booked a very special photo session on the island.

The professional photographer chose the villages of Imerovigli and Oia as settings for the photo shoot. Both locations provide inimitable backdrops, ideal for photos that truly take your breath away. The shooting started in Oia, at Atrina Hotel, where the couple stayed during their vacation in Santorini. That location by itself is amazing, as the background is spangled with pristine white traditional homes, stunningly in contrast with the vibrant blue of the sky.

The session continued around Imerovigli, where the volcano, the terraces, and the sea all played their parts as actors in a story. Finally, the session ended with romantic photos taken at Oia, at Saint Basil’s Chapel. The couple felt instantly comfortable and poses came naturally to both, following the recommendations of the photographer. They were also lucky in having the weather in their favor, granting them a perfect day for taking photos, with bright skies and plenty of sunshine.

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