Wedding Proposal at Imerovigli | Jenna & Eric

Santorini is a stunning destination, not just for those wishing to get married or to enjoy an utterly romantic honeymoon. So, after Jenna chose this destination for a holiday with her boyfriend Eric, she got in touch with Kimonas to book a casual photo session that would encapsulate their Santorini memories. Eric, on the other hand, had something else in mind. He wanted to surprise Jenna with a romantic wedding proposal! So, he e-mailed Kimonas and briefed him about his plan.

The photo shoot was scheduled to take place in the beautiful Imerovigli village, where the couple met the photographer. Jenna did not suspect a thing, thinking it’s just a casual photo session, just as she had planned. Without a clue about what was about to happen, Jenna saw Eric drop on one knee and popping the question, and the photographer was there to get everything on camera. The bright blue sky, the majestic volcano amidst the shimmering sea in the background, and Jenna’s tears of joy. She couldn’t believe what had just happened, but she did say “yes”.

The photo session ended with the couple taking commemorative photos to celebrate their engagement in Santorini. So, everything turned out better than anyone expected, thanks to the magic of Santorini Island that inspires romance in every step you take!

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