Wedding proposal in volcano view hotel Santorini | Nikol & Rafael

While some choose to get married in Santorini, others see this island as the perfect location to start their love story in an official manner. In other words, they pick the breathtaking beauty of the location to propose to their better half, making sure that they will never forget the moment. After all, you need to impress a woman in order to get her hand. This is what Rafael wanted to do and, being well aware that his other half deserves the best there is, he decided to book a vacation to Santorini, Greece, preparing the moment of his proposal, without Nikol suspecting anything about it. And, as a photographer, I love being part of such moments because the emotions I manage to capture with my camera are always extremely intense, due to unexpected surprise that is unrolling in front of them.
So, Rafael booked a room at the gorgeous Volcano View Hotel in Santorini, a venue that will ensure the most stunning views of the landscape and surrounding sea. He also contacted me days before the date of the proposal, doing his best to set all the details right because he wanted to capture the moment and Nikol’s emotions properly. Thus, knowing what will happen, where and when, I grabbed my camera and presented myself on the terrace of the Volcano View Hotel. The terrace was beautifully decorated with white roses and candles, especially for the moment the two were going to experience. I saw them approaching the location, as Rafale was gently guiding Nikol on a path made out of white rose petals. She was visibly nervous, not knowing what to expect, but figuring out that it must be something very special.
Without postponing it any longer, Rafael brought Nikol in the middle of a heart made out of candles, dropped onto his knee, and presented her the ring, together with his proposal. They had a few family members that joined them in this vacation, who were all watching the moment from a more discreet location, above the terrace where the two were living their one-of-a-kind moment. They were all extremely happy and emotional, particularly Nikol, who barely kept her tears of happiness and joy. It was obvious that she did not expect this. Maybe she had in mind a romantic dinner, but certainly not a proposal, as she was overwhelmed by emotions.
I took photos during the proposal and after Nikol said the big “Yes”, around the hotel and the location so we could take advantage of the beautiful light of the sun that was preparing to set. The soon-to-be-wed couple was marked by the special event they just experienced throughout the entire photo session, which was going to end with a romantic dinner on the terrace of the hotel, surrounded by the unique beauty of the island.

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