Wedding renewal in Chromata hotel Santorini | Maria & Joaquin

A love story that is as fresh and beautiful as it was in its first year is something that will always touch you to the bottom of your heart. This is what happened when I met Joaquin and Maria Clara. The couple was already married but decided to renew their vows at the Chromata Hotel, in Imerovigli, Santorini. It was their way of saying that they still love each other very much and that they will be more than happy to spend the remainder of their life together, picking the gorgeous scenery of Santorini to mark this special event. Thus, I was proud to be the photographer that got the honor to capture these unforgettable moments of their lives, doing my best to come up with beautiful pictures of the ceremony and not only.
Joaquin and Maria Clara met 7 years ago, at a moment when they least expected. None of them thought that they were just about to find their better half, but the timing was just right and, ever since they met, they didn’t stop loving each other. 3 years ago, the couple was blessed with a child, a beautiful baby girl named Mariana, who represents the light and joy of her parents’ life. This happy couple had Santorini on their bucket list for a while, as it was one of the places they wanted to visit as soon as possible. Thus, last year, they decided that time has come for this trip to happen, as they saw Santorini as the perfect place where they could renew their vows and reconfirm their love to each other.
Once everything was in place and the plan was made, the couple realized that they still need a photographer. This is where I came into the scene. The couple found me online and, after exchanging a few emails, everything was set. I did my best to help them have an unforgettable vacation in Santorini, making some recommendations that were meant to increase the beauty of their special day.
The event took place at the Chromata Hotel, where I met them together with my videographer, a drone assistant, and the person that was going to make this ceremony happen, the celebrant Mr. Kafouros. It was a very intimate and chic ceremony, with a beautifully decorated table, where their wedding cake was placed. I was able to see the emotions, happiness, and love on the faces of Joaquin and Maria Clara throughout the entire event, realizing that this is the kind of love one rarely gets to see in real life. Once the ceremony was over, besides the photos I took to immortalize these incredible moments, we also went to shoot some photos around the island. We went around the Imerovigli village, looking for the ideal spots for photos, while the couple enjoyed the view. It is worth mentioning that Joaquin was also passionate about photography, so he brought along his own camera, taking photos of everything that captured his attention. They had a great time during the photo session, going back home with a set of memories they will forever cherish.

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